Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


L O A!
Three little letters that mean a whole lot!
We will be receiving our LOA tomorrow by mail.  LOA stands for "Letter of Acceptance"
for Grace!
We file our I-800 with Citizen and Immigration
We wait for our Article 5
We wait for our TA (Travel Approval)
We fly to China! 
It may fall on Chinese New Year, so that means we wait until after that.
But, even though it seems far away,
we are really, really close to bringing our Gracie home!  January/February! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

October's bright blue weather

One of the things I miss most about my mom are the little things she would say.  I think October is the most beautiful month of the year, and it is my favorite.
My mom would frequently call me and say, "Janet, do you know what kind of day this is?"  I would respond, "It's October's bright blue weather, Mom." 
I have thought of her so often this month as we have enjoyed one bright blue beautiful day after another.
Now I have another reason to love October.  Both Sophia and Elijah celebrate birthdays this month!  It was seven short years ago this month that Kevin and I witnessed two of the most exquisite double rainbows we had ever seen, and all without any rain in sight.  Those rainbows held great significance to us, and we even marked them on our calendar.  Later we would realize that all three of our littles had something going on then, only we didn't know it at the time.
Philip's paperwork and medicals were readied during that time.  Both Sophia's and Elijah's birthdays were between those two rainbow sightings with Elijah's actual recorded birth being on the very day we saw the last one!
So "Happy wonderful birthday" to two of our five treasures!  We love you both so!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eli's new face

Mr. Elijah got something funny in his kid's meal from Wendy's today.
It's hilarious!