Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The wild, wild west

Today I took our little boys to a picnic hosted by our cranio-facial doctor and his office.  We love this doctor.  He has done such marvelous work on our boys' cleft lips and palates, and we will always be appreciative of his giving heart.  In fact, all of the doctors on our team are wonderful, and a couple of them were also at the picnic today.

A couple of weeks ago Philip heard that we were going to a picnic where other kids with cleft lips/palates were going to be, and his eyes lit up.  He said, "That will be great.  No one will stare at us or ask what's wrong with our noses and lips!"  And it was so!  All the children were so beautiful and happy to be there.  The parents were happy, too!

The picnic had a western theme, and the invitation said to dress up in our best western gear.  Philip and Elijah have some cowboy clothes.  Both boys had a great time with the pony rides, food, petting zoo, and games, but the best thing of all was getting to wear a fake mustache!  It was hilarious when they put them on.  It was like their "western gunfighter" persona came out in force.  See for yourself in the pictures below!