Family picture

Family picture

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our hearts are breaking today . . .

We had to put down our beloved dog Soccer.

He was fifteen and had been failing for some time now.

Soccer was such a love.  He was the best furry cuddle bug ever.  He found us about thirteen and a half years ago at our local park next to the soccer field where Ted played  (hense the name "Soccer")

We put up signs and called vets and humane societies, etc. to try to find his owner.  We even put an ad in the newspaper in case a family was looking for him.  No one claimed him.  One lady called and said, "He isn't my dog, but if you can't find his owner, I would love to have him."

I replied, "Thank you, but if we can't find his owner, I think he is home already."

And he was!  For over thirteen years.  The vet thought he was already 1 1/2 years old when we found him, so that means he lived to a ripe old age with a family who loved him dearly.

He captured our hearts all those years ago, and we will always love and miss him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New "Family Business"

Our littles peeking out from behind the Pampered Chef boxes delivered
from our first party!

Funny thing:  Kevin has always dreamed of hosting his own cooking show, perhaps on a cable show or something like that.  He even used to kid around with a friend who also wanted to host his own show - a tool time kind of show.  They used to joke that Kevin could be cooking and suddenly need something like a kitchen island or a table.  The camera would pan over to Chad quickly making the needed item. 


But that silly show never came to be.  Instead, Kevin and I are beginning a Pampered Chef business - a "family business"

Kevin is the pretty face who demostrates the products while he cooks.

I am the business end of things. 

It is a perfect match, don't you think?!!

If you ever need some Pampered Chef items, hop on over to our website:

We would be glad to help you!! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow

We enjoyed a little snow over the Christmas break . . .

The kids and the papa had a blast! 

The mommy stayed in and exercised in the warm living room while occassionally peeking outside to see the fun. 

It was a "win, win" situation for everyone concerned!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is happening over break

Happy New Year to you and your family . . .

This new year is off to a wonderful adventure for our family.

Ever since God amazingly blessed our family with our three youngest children from China, I quit my full-time teaching position in a public school and now stay home to homeschool our littlest treasures.

After some adjustment period in homeschooling,
we all love it!

But, that meant we had to do without my full-time pay, and that has been a little interesting at times, especially having adopted internationally three times since then!

But God, . . .

He is always, always faithful.

Kevin and I have both run successful small businesses to help offset the lost income, and God has provided.

Even though my business eventually stopped and Kevin's surged, it has been tough schedule wise because the kids and I don't see Kevin very much.  He is either working at school full-time as a teacher or doing lawn work and painting.  That means he doesn't get very much down time or even time with his family.  This schedule has been difficult for all of us.  We miss Kevin, and he misses us!

We have prayed for a better solution to this dilemma for some time now.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I attended a Pampered Chef party and came home to share about it with Kevin (who has always had a desire to have his own cooking show!)

Long story, short . . .

We have opened our own Pampered Chef business together!  It will focus on our strengths - Kevin will do the cooking show each time (he is a bit of a ham), and I will handle the business side of things (I am a classic type A personality).  We are perfectly matched!

Tonight is our first cooking show, and we all are so excited about the possibilities of this business!

Practicing his "cooking show" last night for the children

The audience was a tad unruly! 
Hopefully tonight's audience will be better behaved!!

Could you pray for our new adventure?  If this works, it will be so much fun to run a business together.  We are very excited about this business and definitely feel it is a "God" thing!