Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This child

This child. . .

just turned five today.

He is as far from the little one we first met a little over two and a half years ago as east is from the west.

Kevin and I stand in awe of our God who can make all things new.

Elijah's beginning in this life was tough, being found in a park shortly after birth, placed in an orphanage where he received very little tender loving care, and then adjusting to his forever family, a new country, and a new home when he was just two and a half years old. 

But now, his third birthday home, Elijah is filled with so much joy, singing and chatting a good part of each day.   He has a zeal for living life to the fullest every moment, even if at times he lives his joy a little outside of boundaries!  


On Elijah's fifth birthday, we want to say "Happy Birthday Elijah Jiehao.  We love you to the moon and back and couldn't possibly imagine life without your sweet, sweet love."

We thank God for all of our amazing children, but today we are especially thanking Him for His miracle of making a new creation in our Elijah.  Oh what joy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homeschooling fun

We did homeschooling with a dear little friend yesterday.   It was such fun having Mary Rose over for the day.

From the time we announced to Mary Rose and her family that we were bringing home Sophia, she was convinced Sophia was going to be her best friend ever!

Both girls are from the same province.  We met Mary Rose, her mommy, and her older sister while we were in China bringing home Philip!  It turns out they live very close to us!!

Mary Rose's mom introduced us to homeschooling, and now we are both hs-loving moms and very good friends as well.

How sweet it was to have Sophia's best friend over to share in our school day yesterday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to our darling daughter and sister!

Today is Sophia's ninth birthday, the second one to be celebrated here with her forever family.

We are so very happy she is ours to love and cherish.

Sophia is a treasure beyond compare.  She is sweet, loving, kind, compassionate, and funny all rolled into one beautiful little girl.

Our October birthday sweeties - Elijah's birthday is next week.
  That is double the joy in October!  :)

Opening presents at their combined family party and having a blast.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our October treasures

A special "Barbie" cake made for her first all-girl party by a good friend
from our China travel group

Sweet friends

And another sweet friend(s) on the couch who
didn't make it into the group photo wrapped
in her mommy's sweater!

On to another celebration!  This time the six of us celebrated
Sophia's birthday with a dinner of Taco Bell - her choice!!

Trying to get a good picture of our birthday girl, but her crazy brothers
kept goofing around in the background.

Still goofing around! 

Almost there!


After three separate celebrations, I think we have properly wished her a "Happy Birthday!"  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A beautiful day for a walk in the park

It was just too beautiful to stay home today. 

After eating a delicious lunch at Canyon Inn, we hiked and played at McCormick's Creek State Park in Spencer, Indiana the entire afternoon. 

Just missing Ted to complete this fun day! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet singing

Sophia and Philip were asked to be part of the Praise and Worship Team for our Family Service Sunday.  They were thrilled!  Not only did they get to sing up in front of the congregation, but they also got to sing with their big brother Ted and their friend, Miss Amanda.

Practicing hard at home

Leaving early in the morning (7 A.M.!) with Ted to get
in a bit of practice before first service.  They
were about out of their minds with excitement!

Singing at church.  So very tender to see
three of our four children up in front leading

Sophia kept saying throughout the day yesterday, "This is the best day!"  When they were leading the singing, Kevin and I kept thinking how miraculous it was that two precious children, orphans no more, could be home and free to worship our Risen Lord!