Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Philip!

We celebrated Philip home six years on Monday, June 23rd.  Can't believe our sweet, funny, inquisitive little son has been home that long!  He can't either! 

One of the first pictures we saw of our little guy over spring break
(both Kevin and I are teachers) in April 2008. 
The sparkle in his eyes caught our hearts right away!
Daddy holding Philip for the first time - Philip
wasn't too sure about this "family stuff"
First time in Mommy's arms - he really
wasn't sure about having a new family at this point!
Despite his hesitation when first meeting us, Philip quickly warmed up to
 his new mommy and daddy and was such a happy boy in China!
What a wonderful "Welcome Home" Philip received
when we stepped off the plane.  Our loving family and
friends welcomed our little boy home with open arms and hearts!
Once home, my dad and Philip became best buddies.
Dad only lived another year and half, but in that time, he and
Philip forged a strong bond that will last for eternity.  Love this picture
of my dad, my uncle (Dad's brother), and our tiny son.
My mom loved to come play with our little children.
Philip was so very close to her as well.  She passed away
last summer.  He misses both of his grandparents
but was blessed to get to know them. 
Couldn't find a picture of Gram with Philip but wanted to
include this sweet picture of Kevin and his mom because
Philip still is blessed (we all are) to have his Gram in his
life. They are kindred spirits in their love of puzzles and games.
When we say that we are taking our kids to Grams for a game date,
he lights up!
Philip loves, loves, loves his siblings.  He and his
biggest brother are especially close.  When Philip first came
home, Ted was still away at college and had a difficult
time getting Philip to bond with him, but now you would
never know! They are such sweet buddies.
Philip and his China siblings are very close.
They play for long hours, talk and giggle like crazy,
and genuinely love each other.  When watching these lovies
together, it is difficult to imagine that there was a
time they didn't know each other.  It is a joy
and privilege to parent all of our children!
Philip has lots of family who love him dearly - aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Here he is with two of his big cousins whom he considers his good friends, too!
Philip surrounded by his family - We say it every year
and with all of our children, but it is true - we can't imagine
Philip (or any of our children) not being here.  We love him
to the moon and back!
When we tucked him in at night on his Gotcha Day, he beamed and
said, "Thank you for adopting me."  Oh honey, the pleasure is all ours!  We
would do it again and again.  Our quiver is full.  Our hearts overflow!
Happy 6th Gotcha Day, Philip!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Miss Sophia's first dance recital

Our Sophia performed in her first dance recital tonight.  It was joyful watching our beautiful daughter shine. 

Sophia has come a long way in confidence since coming home almost three years ago.
She has such a sweet spirit and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 
Above is a lovely picture of Sophia and her grandma. 
Some of her fans came to cheer her on!
Sophia's family - we adore her!
Sophia has the most tender heart.  She wants to become a minister when she grows up.  She loves Jesus so.  We love her!