Family picture

Family picture

Monday, April 8, 2013

Homeschool fun

We have so much fun with our homeschool co-op friends.
Here are some of those great times together recently. . .
Keepers of the Home Girls' Club about a week ago
Chatting together while they all learn a new skill
Ted graciously led a theatre workshop
on our behalf for our homeschool group during
his spring break.  Thanks Ted.  It was great!
Some of Ted's students also graciously came
to help out.  That was so sweet of these students to
give up some time during their spring break.
Art on the farm - another homeschool event
Mrs. Miller, who is an artist, led an art workshop
at her farm.  She taught the children how to draw
realistic looking farm animals.
She demonstrates drawing for Sophia
As you can see, our children had fun on the farm
After drawing animals, we all got to pet real ones!
There were even pony rides!  A big hit!!
As I have said before, we love our homeschool co-op activities.  They bring a richness to our school week!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Introducing our beautiful new daughter and sister . . .

Grace Chengmei

We are overjoyed that God is adding to our family.

We, who twenty-eight years ago were wondering if we would ever be able to have any children . . .

Let alone five precious gifts from God!

"For nothing is impossible with God"