Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here we go again!

Here we go again! We will be beginning a new home study this coming Wednesday! Yippee!!! We are very excited and feel very blessed to get to do an adoption journey again! Our tale of adding to our family had its beginning 23 years ago with the birth of our older son Ted, with a long wait time of oh, around 22 years or so for our younger son Philip through adoption just last June, and is continuing as we begin again! What an adventure!

Our first miracle, Ted, was born on Valentine's Day in 1986 after some time of infertility treatments and a surgery. After years, and I mean years, of infertility treatments, failed attempts at domestic adoption, and then just plain waiting, our second miracle arrived on the scene. We brought Philip home from China on July 2, 2008.

God had closed doors to having more children for so many years in between Ted and Philip, but when He opened the doors in December of 2005, God really opened the doors! Not only did we feel that He was leading us to adopt, but we felt we were being led to adopt from China. And not only did we feel at that time that we would adopt one child, but we also had a sneaking suspicion that God might just end up giving us two more children! Three children altogether for a family who had had so many heartbreaks and disappointments trying to have one more. What an impossibility it seemed! Throughout all of the years of yearning for another child, we have come to learn a very important lesson. If we didn't know it then, we surely know it now. Nothing is impossible with God. It is stated in God's word. It is now written on our hearts.

What will this next journey hold? We don't know. But God knows the answers. He is leading us to adopt again, and we will follow, with joy in our hearts.

After bringing Philip home last summer, our late 40- and early 50-year old bodies were a little tired! We were a little traumatized by the 3 years it had taken to adopt, and we had a little less money than we had had before with me staying home to be with Philip and only working at my at-home tutoring business. Being a little weary, a little traumatized, and a little strapped for cash, we questioned whether we had heard God right in saying that we would indeed be adopting two children. After all, we were intensely and deeply happy with our family of four, and it was enough for us and what we thought we could handle. Kevin and I both struggled a little during that time with thinking maybe we really hadn't heard God right, and this was it. It was fine, and it was all we had ever wanted. Now we had it! Be content! But God had other plans, better plans. And our third miracle was taking shape!

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