Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Prayer for our sweet bloggy friends

Many of you who read our blog also follow Linny and Dw's blog,
A Place Called Simplicity.

If you have never visited the Saunders Family blog, head on over there today to check out another amazing miracle from God. This family's adoption journey to their sweet little son Isaiah helped open our hearts to looking into adopting a little boy with a special need.

That, in turn, led us to our precious Philip Bao.

Their continuing story of faith in Jesus Christ is an inspiration to all who read their blog. Dw and their son Isaiah have both been in a hospital far from their Colorado home, with Linny and one of their younger daughters, Liberty, with them on the trip. They really do need our prayers as they prepare to travel back home after an overwhelmingly frightening week of surgery and medical tests.

This family lives for God in every moment of every day, and their example challenges each of us to do the same.


Mom Of Many said...

Thank you for your encouraging verse the other day - it was a total confirmation from the Lord...and thank you for your prayers..please don't stop...he feels so yukky...

Love from Kearney, Nebraska! xo

Jean said...

Janet and Kevin-
I am a new follower of your blog! I think we are the about the same age- too cool! We are loving having our daughter from China with us and are excited to adopt again! I am so happy for you that Phillip will have another brother- Eli!!

Way to go!!
Blessings from MN!