Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas trimmings

Even though this holiday season has been marked by deep sorrow over Dad's passing, there have been light moments, too.

Like the "help" I got when I wrapped a few p
resents . . . (not!) Hee, hee

Philip enjoyed tearing the wrapping paper into tiny bits with the help of his bear.

Kevin and Disney weren't much help wrapping gifts either!

And Soccer was rather bored by the whole gift wrapping thing, too!

Oh well, so much for gift wrapping help. Tree decorating was much better! :)

Well, maybe not! LOL!

There - that's much better!


Lori said...

Nothing like a sparkly Christmas tree to lift your spirits and lighten a heavy heart. I hope you all have a really great Christmas, even though your hearts are sad. You have a lot to look forward to!

Chasity said...

Oh, my Philip is just precious tearing the paper. He's so cute! No one wants to help wrap here either, just unwrap. Trayj did find he had two of the same webkinz and wrapped Jie one for Christmas. Although I'm still not sure if he did it so she had to buy him another present or just to be a sweet big brother. We wish you a blessed Holiday this year, our hearts are with you in your loss, and in the beauty of having your boys (well almost all 3 of them) home to help you get the Tree Decorated. It looks beautiful. We love You all !

living4him5 said...

Awww, such cute pictures!!! Phillip is getting sooooo big! I'm sorry your missing your dad, I know it's hard. Praying for you!!

Many blessings,

Jean said...

Beautiful Christmas tree- thank goodness they helped with that!

Philip looks more grown up!

I am so sorry about the passing of your Dad. It makes it a little more difficult this time of year to be celebrating without him. Praying for peace during your Christmas.