Family picture

Family picture

Friday, July 16, 2010

Possible hearing loss

Our little Elijah might have a more significant hearing loss than first thought. Even with the tubes in his ears, his readings still showed a slight loss today at his ENT appointment. Does that account for his seemingly noncompliant attitude?

Maybe sometimes . . .

But my guess is that even if Eli could hear 100%, he would still be a tad bit noncompliant!

Good thing he is so cute!!


jasnjoj said...

So glad you're working on getting this figured out so soon! It took us WAY too long to figure out that our Daniel really did have hearing loss...not just a non-compliant attitude! (Hearing loss was NOT one of the SNs listed in his medical info from China). He's had his aids since March...very helpful!

Jean said...

Sorry to hear about his hearing loss but I love your attitude!!
Feels so good to be home and catch up with everyone!!
Thank you for your comments and support while in China!