Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7 month update on our Website

Hey, head on over to this link to see our newest update on our Elijah Jiehao! It's been seven months since we received him - how can that be?


Madeleine said...

Um wait...

Were we there at the same time?

We got Elly in January!!!! our gotcha date was January 5. And we were in the consulate on...sheesh I don;t remember, the 12 or 13.

Can you imagine if we were there together??

That would be cool!

Janet and Kevin said...


We received Eli on February 1. We missed you all by about a month!! Wouldn't that have been something to be there the same time and not even know it??

Madeleine said...

It would have been a bummer if we missed you! We met some neat people when we were there. One family is coming over to the house before Christmas and the other is coming in the New Year! While we have gotten together at the Bronx Zoo with another who only lives about an hour and a half from us!! The zoo was a 1/2 way point for the 2 of us. lol.

We experience such an amazing time together it stuck with us and made us friends.

Woulda been neat of you had been part of the pack!