Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To our precious children

I just love this poem and have seen it on many adoption websites.
I don't know who the author is, but it is simply beautiful.

Some would gather money, along the path of life. Some would gather roses, and rest from worldly strife. But I would gather children from among the thorns of sin. I would seek a little child with a big and toothless grin. For money cannot enter in the land of endless day, and roses that are gathered soon wilt along the way. But oh, the laughing children, as I cross the sunset sea. And the gates swing wide to heaven. I can take them in with me.

Thanking God each day for the chance to parent our amazing children.


living4him5 said...

Love it! Thanks for your encouraging comment!

Amy <><

Madeleine said...

How quickly we forget when we are in the midst of living.

Thank you for reminding me, and mow please excuse me as I go find my children and hold them for a bit.