Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dedication Sunday

Last Sunday was Baby Dedication Sunday at our church.

Somehow we had missed the first two Dedication Sundays for Elijah and just now were able to do it. God's timing was perfect, as always.

That was the same day our dear friends Tim and Anna chose to have their new son Aaron dedicated.

In fact, we were the only two families first service.

You may remember that back in the winter Tim and Anna traveled to China to bring home Aaron.

So two little Chinese treasures were dedicated to our Lord this past Sunday.

Standing on the altar with our boys, looking out at all those smiling, loving faces of the congregation, made us teary!

How amazing that our two little boys and our older Philip could be standing up in a Christian church half way around the world from where they had been born while their families who love them and an entire congregation could promise to raise them to know Jesus!

Eating lunch afterwards at Cracker Barrel with Aaron and his family.

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Wolfe's Home said...

What a fun celebration. And great place to eat, too!