Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Such a wonderful week full of joy!

This past week after Christmas has also been
filled with such joy!

So many visits with so many special people . . .

Grandma with four of her five grandchildren. 
Our nephew Michael came later but was not feeling well enough for a picture. 
He had had knee surgery just three days before! 

Gram with all of her grandchildren. 
This doesn't often happen that they are all together at once!

Breakfast with our dear friends Lisa and Michelle

Lunch with Aunt Susie who is working on a
sand art project with Philip in this picture

Then there were the things we forget to take pictures of such as dinner with our sweet friend Minh, another dinner with our good friends Chris and Martha and their daughters (whom Eli couldn't take his eyes off of the entire evening thinking that Chris and Martha's 20-something year old daughters where just there for him!), spending New Year's Eve with Tim and Anna, and their family including Aaron who came home fron China to his forever family last March, and many other fun things.

We pray that Sophia long remembers all of the wonderful things she took part in during her first Christmas home - celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, being with family and friends, and doing so many fun things is sure to leave its fingerprint on her heart!

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Jean said...

Yes- you have to take lots of pics when the family is together!
They are such treasures!!