Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, March 18, 2012

God loves the orphan

Oh how God loves the orphan!

Last night it came through loud and clear as our team who will travel to China this coming June to serve at Shepherd's Field Children's Village in Tianjin held an auction and dinner to benefit the orphaned children with special needs who call the village home.

What an evening it was!

Kathy busy at work in the afternoon

Justin and Ted pausing a moment to pose

Amanda, Ted, Kelli, and Danny ready for action

A mommy and her China treasures ready for an evening of fun
to benefit precious orphaned children half a world away

Oh, did I mention we served an Italian dinner on
an Irish holiday (St. Paddy's Day) to benefit
children in China - truly an international affair!

Some of Philip's China travel group was there as well,
and we can never resist a picture of our children.
Sorry Ted, you didn't make it into this picture!

So many details had to come together to make this event a success, and God handled each and every one from the company who catered the event, to the prizes donated, to the family business who said they would work for free to provide us with online bidding, to all of the generous folks who attended to support children they have never met. 

Only God

Giving Him all the praise and glory for a very successful night!


Wolfe's Home said...

Wonderful, wonderful!

Pam said...

I am so glad that the dinner went so well! The Italian meal on St. Patrick's day made me smile!

Brady Family said...

I am so happy it was such a success! Are you able to tell how much was raised? I can't wait to follow your trip back to SFCV!

In His Grace,

alicia said...

Hello, janet, kevin, ted, phillip, sophia and eli. Let me finally explain who I am. My name is alicia and I have been reading your blog for years. I have been to china 2xs. Once to help a missionary family travel with their five children all under the age of 10 in 2003. Once to do research for my masters thesis on special education in china. I don't teach anymore though. I visited an orphange in 2004 during my 2nd trip. I have wanted to adopt for years. I'm 38 and never been married no kids. Your blog has inspired me and amazed me. I had been planning on adopting in 5 years a little girl, older like sophia. Silly me, after dreaming and planning and getting a new job with better income potential, I found out china doesn't let singles adopt. I'm back to the drawing board. Maybe it was my plan and not gods. I know I have a lot to give and god has a daughter out there for me somwhere. Thank you for the inspiration u give. I was at a conferance today and went to a seminar about adoption. One person thought single people shouldn't adopt. But I think one parent is better than none. Now that you know I am reading your blog, please know I think about your family and pray for you and even talk about you to my friends. You've touched my life in so many ways