Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A random conversation

Today at breakfast . . .

Elijah:  Philip, are you gonna let your kids pick out their food when you grow up?

Philip:  Yes. 

Then it went on from there.

Sophia:  When we get older, we get married.  I let my baby eat healthy food.

Philip:  Popa says when I get older I can have my own key to get to your house.

Mommy:  Yes, that's right.  When you grow up, you will probably get married and have your own children.  Then you will have your own key to come back home just like Daddy and I do for Grammy and Grandma's homes.

Philip:  You and Popa lived in the same neigborhood and didn't even know each other before you got married.

Elijah:  Mommy, were there volcanoes ploding when you and Popa got married?

Mommy:  (giggling) How old do you think we are??

Sophia:  Member on Lion King and they got married?  Simba and Nila both say, "Ew, married?!"
They're grownup, they get married.

Elijah:  And Mommy, when you and Popa got married there were volcanoes ploding! 

Too funny! 

Kevin, as I remember it, Elijah might be right!  In fact, I was so happy on our wedding day, that I am sure there must have been volcanoes somewhere, someplace exploding!  

"Membering" our wedding day and all the happiness it brought, I just couldn't imagine life getting any sweeter!

Well, I was wrong! 

Who would have known back way back on November 1, 1980, just how much joy we were to experience!  Look at our life now!

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