Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Indy 500

Race day in Indianapolis

Sitting in Mom's frontyard watching the race fans return from the race.  It takes such a little bit to make our crew happy!  Really, we had so much fun clapping and cheering for people as they trudged home, hot and tired, from the Indy 500 Mile Race.  Our littles had the best time!  You would have thought we were actually at the track watching the race!!

Ted and Jennie - Don't they make a cute couple? 

My mom - the home I grew up in is just a mile from the track. 

Sophia's first race day adventure

My uncle and cousin returning from the race.  Uncle Al is my dad's brother and was his best friend.  So special to have my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Virginia here this weekend.  What a wonderful time it has been.  How we miss Dad being here.  Uncle Al and Dad were always so funny together.  Who needed tv when we could watch them?  

Many, many happy memories to cherish.  Many more memories made this past weekend. 

Some of Kevin's family - his mom, brother-in-law, sister, and nephew.  Sweet that we got to see them today as well!  

Sitting around telling the same crazy family stories we always tell when Uncle Al and Aunt Karen come to town.  Dad's flag is on the mantel.  He is never far from our thoughts and is always in our hearts.  Today was kind of bittersweet.  Dad worked at the track in the museum for years and years, and you just can't think of the race without thinking of him.

That's my baby brother sitting by the windows.

Worn to a frazzle by all of the excitement of race weekend. 

Good night!

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