Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Catching up

We have been busy having fun!  That is the best kind of busy to be.  We have had family parties and China travel group parties.

Round and round with friends

Having fun in the pool

All those little dark headed children - oh, how cute


All of our young children - some older ones
did not make it this year to the reunion

These four treasures came home at the same time four years ago!

Below is a picture of our China Team, ready and eager to go serve for a
week at Shepherd's Field Children's Village.  Shepherd's Field was Philip's
China home.  This will be Ted's first time to visit China, and he is
looking forward to staying where his little brother was so loved and well
cared for.  I am looking forward to serving at Shepherd's Field with Ted and
the rest of our awesome team.

You can follow our team's blog here.  We leave this coming Saturday, June 16th.

Since Ted and I are going to be in China on Father's Day, we celebrated Kevin's day early.  The following pictures are of the children "helping" Kevin open his presents. 

Little kids helped

And big kids, too!

Kevin - you are a wonderful husband and father.  We love you dearly.  Thank you for
all you do for your family.  We are blessed to have you in our lives!

Then, last but not least, Sophia and Philip played their first game of
summer kickball and had a blast!

Philip and Sophia strategizing at 2nd base
The cheering spectators

Relaxing after the big game


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Leslie said...

Shoot! I completely forgot to send a pkg to you for Maggie. Please give her big hugs from us. We just got some pictures (and an update), and it made me sad because you can definitely tell she is sick. Something is holding up her paperwork so she still isn't eligible for adoption. According to Shepherds Field she really needs to have her heart surgery outside of China. So we're praying for the doors to open to make that possible asap. Have a wonderful trip!!