Family picture

Family picture

Friday, November 9, 2012

Almost two less orphans!

When our group served at our Philip's foster village in China last June, one child in particular touched our hearts (as they all did).  But this one young man, Jospeh, will be turning 14 next spring.  If he had not found a family by then, he would never be able to be adopted.

Joseph was keenly aware that his time was running out.  He prayed often for a family of his own.  He watched with despair as his good friends, one by one, left the village to be adopted into loving families of their own.

In fact, after one such friend found out that he too would be leaving to join his forever family last summer, Joseph told one of the interns, a special young lady named Melissa, that he was losing hope of ever finding his own family.

Joseph eating lunch at the foster village


All who knew Joseph personally or who had followed Melissa's blog advocating for prayers to find him a family were broken hearted for this young man.  Oh, how the prayers went up to Heaven for Joseph.

But God . . .

He was already working behind the scenes to bring this amazing child into a loving, Christ-following family of his very own. 

Kai Joseph now knows that he indeed does have a family! 
See his sweet, sweet smile.  It melts my heart.  I know it
melts his family's hearts!

And now . . .

That special family leaves in just six days !!!

Six days until they can fly across the world to unite with not one, but two precious sons from China.  They were already in the process to adopt on dear son, Eli, when God directed them to adopt Joseph as well!

Eli is coming home, too!
Just a little bit of time now, and there will be two less orphans! 

Everyone is so, so, so excited to see these two boys join their rightful place in a family of their own.  You can click here to follow their journey home.  Could you pray for this family and their two new sons as they begin their adoption journey?  There may be lots of transition and adjustment issues as they form the bond that will last forever, and they will need prayers lifted on their behalf. 

Can hardly wait to see pictures of those two in the arms of their very own mama and baba!


Jean said...

So HAPPY for both of the boys and for their family!!

How at peace the family must feel to know they were part of answered prayers!!

What is their blog again? The other boy is Eli right?

Sherry Patton said...

Wow, I can hardly comment thru the tears... Thank you for sharing our sweet story. God is just so amazing! We have been working for a year to bring Eli home and 4 months ago He told us to add Kai Joseph to our family too. And now it is all really happening. The money has been saved & raised, the appointments made, the flights booked and the bags... well we have a few days for packing. :) If you want to follow us to China our blog is But remember, it's not about us and it's nothing special we are or did... It's all about God and these two awesome kids we are blessed to bring home.

Mom Of Many said...

Rejoicing with you that there are about to be two less orphans....and love the story - faithful God!! xo

Wolfe's Home said...

Woo hoo!!! :)

likeschocolate said...

That is so exciting!