Family picture

Family picture

Monday, February 18, 2013

Good bye sweet Disney

We are sad once again at our home. 

Our 16 1/2 year old dog Disney had to be put down today.  Both Soccer and Disney have been fragile for about a year and a half, and it has been touch and go with them.

But to say good-bye to them both so close together makes our hearts hurt.

This past Christmas

We brought Disney home when Ted was going into fourth grade.  Ted just celebrated his 27th birthday, so that means that Disney (and Soccer) were a part of most of Ted's growing up years. 

Getting her Christmas present - so excited!

We adore and cherish our four-legged furry children so very much.  Kevin, the children, and I miss Disney terribly already and it has only been a couple of hours since she left.

Sweet little elderly lady

While Soccer was the lovable fellow, Disney was a little different in personality.  She had a mind of her own and was kind of a stinker at times. 

She loved to dig up the backyard, eat things out of the trash, bark when she was put in our bedroom when company came to visit, demanding when she was hungry, and didn't particularly like us fussing over her for long periods of time.  Hee, hee.   She would even shake her head when we bent down to kiss her.  What a little stinker doggy! 

Standing by Elijah when he had on his "clashing" outfit

Even though Disney was a "bit" ornery, she was so incredibly sweet.  She would follow me around the house all day long.  I will miss her trailing behind me so much. 

She would lie down beside us as we homeschooled each day, enjoying being part of the school day.  The children and I will be sad tomorrow morning when our cute little doggy is not there. 

She would walk all over the game board and scatter the pieces whenever we were on the floor playing a game.  She just wanted to be a part of the action.

She would always take an afternoon nap with me in the living room as the children had their rest time.  In fact, she did that today.  Mommy and Disney needed our bit of rest time as well.  Naps won't be the same anymore.

Taking her naps with Mommy

Disney loved it when Ted came home and would be the first to greet him at the door.  She was Kevin's buddy when he was home, too!  She would watch intently as he made her dinner every night and breakfast every morning.  She loved to eat!

Thank you God for giving us such wonderful little animal friends to connect with in this world.  We love Disney and Soccer, and we miss them so much.


Madeleine said...

Oh, I am so sorry. :(

We also have 2 beagles and they are just wonderful. Most of the time. lol.

It is heart breaking to have to say good bye to our puppies. I pray for peace to your family.

Emily said...

Big hugs, Janet. I am so sorry.


jan said...

oh, my heart hurts for you....alot. i am so sorry you lost two favorite buddies. when they are with you, day in and day out, you really feel it. much love....