Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Introducing our newest family member

Sophia and I have spent the better part of last week combing through in search of our newest family member . . .
We drove to Robinson, Illinois yesterday to a tiny little county animal shelter run by sweet, sweet people.
This is who we came home with last night!
She is a love.
Our new furever family
Look at that face!


jan said...

she is adorable!!!! congrats mama :)

Sharon said...

She looks like such a happy little gal. I just smile when I see you and hubby with your children. We are leaving for China on June 8 for our second daughter from China (hubby and almost me are in the 50 - 50+) you can find us at Blessings

Diana said...

What a happy looking little puppy. So glad you do rescue!
The kids look so excited to have her ;O)

Madeleine said...

I love me a good dog.

We have 3, and they are such fun.

We also have 3 cats ( NOT fun, NOT a cat person, but I married one, so...)

We have a rabbit, and 13 chickens.

But the puppies are the best. <3

Glad you are finding the joy! And glad you rescued. <3 <3 <3