Family picture

Family picture

Friday, December 6, 2013

Closer and closer

Below are two pictures of our family that have been taken recently.  The first one was the picture we took last summer to be used in our China dossier.
The other picture was taken on Thanksgiving day.  It is kind of funny because the way Ted is standing makes him look  like he has a funny hair style and a star upon his head!  See for yourself.
But, do you notice anything else about the pictures?  Something kind of sweet and charming?? 
Grace is in both of them!  Our brother-in-law  photo-shopped her into the pictures so we can send it to her to let her know she belongs to our family!
  We love the way they both turned out - she just fits right in with the rest of us!  We pray she will think so, too!!
Ok, prayer warriors - we would love to have your prayers about the details still to be worked out in Grace's adoption process as we get closer and closer to bringing her home.  They are details that can only be worked out by our amazing God!  We are trusting in Him for the outcomes.


Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Those pictures are so cool! And what better way to show her she is loved and belongs to a family!


S Tomas Farrell said...

LOL. It wasn't until you said something that I noticed it was the same exact outfit, hence that should have been a clue. :P

What I DID think wqas...wait... I thought there were three going on 4 kiddos. Then I thought, :::sigh::: I am getting old. I forgot.

Praying for this journey. I remember it all too well.

Madeleine said...

WHOA!! That was me up there. I didn't realize I was under my son's blogger account. :P

Janet and Kevin said...

Too funny Madeleine - I was just now trying to decide who that was and recognized his face but wasn't sure just where I knew him! We are both getting old!! :)

Pam said...

She fits right in! LOVE seeing you with your FIVE children around you!

Alicia Guild said...

Woulnt have known she was photoshopped! What a beautiful girl...she fits right in.