Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Homeschool Highlights

We love homeschool! 
If you had told us six years ago that we (two public school teachers) would be homeschooling all of our China treasures now, we would have thought you were crazy! 

Practicing for our homeschool co-op's end-of-the-year music concert

Homeschool?  Who, us? 
What about the socialization? 
The night of the music concert from the co-op's music students
 What about the curriculum? 
What about the time constraints? 
What about, what about??
Playing a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" at our homeschool co-op Field Day

Waiting for the "Balloon Stomp" at Field Day
After Field Day, there was still time to visit the zoo with friends and
see one of the new and exciting exhibits!
I stay home and teach our four youngest children.  Some days are trying - too much to do, too little time (not all that different from teaching in the public school). 
But, overall we are so happy with our decision!  We can pick and choose what and how to teach our kids.  We can shore up their needs and enhance their strengths.
There is so much we can teach - God's word, history, math, language arts, many, many kinds of literature, science, art, music, pe, social skills, and so much more. 
We can do it all through individual instruction, group instruction through our co-op, and field trips with friends. 
Love homeschooling. While I know not everyone wants to or has the time or resources to homeschool, we thank God that He has put this type of teaching on our hearts.  The sacrifices we make to homeschool seem so small compared to the benefits.  Our children are thriving and growing into Godly young people who are interested in the world around them, and we get a front row seat! 

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