Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good-bye 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 was an eventful year, to say the least!
This family picture. . .
became this. . .
As Grace came home and Ted and Claire began to date.
Our dear friend Deidra, Sophia, and I traveled to China in February to bring home Grace while Kevin stayed home with our boys.  What an adventure that was for us girls while in China.  Click here for a peek at Grace's journey home. 
Grace's transition has been a bit rocky, but she (and we all)
are making slow and steady progress!
Sweet Easter children
A new little friend came home from China just
a month later
This sweet boy had his bone graft surgery
in the spring and did very well
We attended the graduation of our nephew,
and Ted brought Claire along!  :)
We met our new great-nephew in the spring as well.
That meant two new children were added to our family
this year!
Sophia danced in her first recital.
Hmmm - Claire was there, too!
Grace took her first family vacation as we
ventured out east to see our nation's beginnings
and visit dear family
Grace had her first time ever at a beach.
Our littles sat for this picture glowing with summer fun and looking
toward school beginning.
Grammy and her youngest grandchildren
Philip and Elijah with their wonderful cranio-facial
doctor who does all of their cleft lip and palate work -
the cranio-facial team put on a picnic for their patients.
The theme was a western one!
There was a reason we saw Ted and Claire together a lot! 
They got engaged in the fall!  We are all so happy!
I decorated a table at our church and attended with Sophia,
dear China friends, Claire, and her mom
Mommy and her little girls are at our nephew's wedding.
This extremely handsome man still takes
my breath away!
Grace's first laser surgery to lighten her birthmark - this
was taken a few days after the treatment.  It has lightened
considerably now.  This photo also shows the look we
sometimes see in her eyes from living in an orphanage.  We pray
we will see this look less and less and her sweet, beautiful smile
more and more.
A tender moment with Grammy at Thanksgiving
Surrounded by 4/6 of our children on my birthday
Going to see a play Ted was in called
"The foolish wiseman"
Visiting with Ted right before Christmas
Welcoming a new little friend and his parents
home from China on Christmas Eve
Spending Christmas morning with all of
our children - big and little
Listening to Ted read the story of
Jesus' birth
Looking forward to their wedding next summer!
Spending a quiet New Year's Eve night
with our precious little ones.  Their smiles light our
 Happy New Year to everyone! 
May 2015 be filled with peace, joy, and love!
God bless us, everyone!

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Vicki said...

I followed your trip while you were in China...and posted comments on your guestbook page. Great to hear of progress. I just returned with my #3 in November.
Blessings for 2015!