Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lara's 5th Birthday Party!

One of the families in our China travel group had a birthday party for their daughter, Lara, who turned five. We had a blast seeing Lara and her family and two other families from our group! It was amazing seeing how far our children have come in ten short months! What a special day spent with special friends.

Enjoy the pictures!

Marcy cutting the Barbie cake!

Lily and Hannah enjoying a treat.

The birthday girl!

Our beautiful children ten months older.

A fun hayride!

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vince and marcy said...

What a delightful day, indeed! Thank you for posting the pics. The kids love seeing themselves online. And thank you for being part of our special day. We are truly blessed by our entire travel family!

Marcy(that's me cutting the cake), Vince(driving the quad), Keegan(giving peace to the world), Oliver(yellow shirt) and Lara(the birthday girl)