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Family picture

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Day of Questioning

With all the grim news coming out of the international adoption community these days, I had a really hard day yesterday questioning what in the world we were supposed to do about our current adoption. It seems that Ch*na is beginning to say, "No, no, no!" to any and all history of cancer. Kevin had a bout with it in 1987 and is completely cured and has had NO reoccurrence since then. I checked with our adoption agency again yesterday on how realistic Ch*na seems now, and she got an answer from Beijing again. Same answer with a little different twist than before. They would consider us if we would be open to older children and/or more severe needs in children.

That answer seemed crushing in light that our homestudy agency does not recommend adopting anyone older than Philip (who just turned 4) because it might not be good for him if we disrupt the birth order! He needs to be the "alpha male" of little kids in our home!! I spent the next several hours researching our other options - other countries, perhaps domestic adoption which would be an infant, etc. . .

After much soul-searching, researching, and praying, Kevin and I came to exactly the same conclusion. We simply trust God more than we trust any person, agency, government, or country!! We trust in Him only and will lean not on our own understanding. He made it clear yesterday that He is in charge, and we are to still pursue Ch*na no matter what it looks like at the moment. Again we were reminded of His power over everything when we read last night that with man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26).

We are thankful and grateful that the Lord is ultimately in charge and not man! We hold to God's promises told in His word. We love Him, and we trust Him no matter what!

Things I am thankful for on this Friday for Thankful Thursday yesterday!! . . .

1. God is in charge!

2. It is spring and new life abounds!

3. God is in charge!

4. I have a beautiful family who loves me.

5. God is in charge!

6. I have a beautiful family I love.

7. God is in charge!!

8. Philip wrote his name today all by himself!


Nicole said...

Beautiful post!!!
waiting for "holly" at PHF

Chasity said...

Beautiful Job Philip....that is so wonderful. You did the most wonderful job writing your name. We are very proud of you!

We are praying for your family. We can not wait to see everything come into play as God wants it to. You are an amazing family and we love all of you.

Chasity said...

Happy Birthday Kevin! We wish you an amazing day. God Bless you!

The Phifers