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Family picture

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Red Thread Connections

I wanted to share this beautiful poem entitled "An Ordinary Day" that was posted on a blogspot I visit. It sort of sums up an adoption journey from the very beginning to Gotcha Day.

An Ordinary Day

Every call has a beginning

A quiet moment when God

Whispers a promise to a mother's heart

A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts

The journey set before him.

A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns . . .

Casting its first light on a chosen threshold.

A gentle knock . . . a closed door opens.

A sacred invitation sent by the Father . . .

Leads to the other side of the world.

Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows

Praying for someone to care . . .

And then one morning,

On an ordinary day

An orphan's life changes . . .

God sends them a second chance . . . Through you . . .

-author unknown

When I e-mailed this bloggy friend to ask permission to use that poem, she wrote back and said she had a Red Thread Connection to us that she had wanted to share for over a year! It seems that her mother had a brother who had been my husband's boss years ago and who also had been my grade school principal (many more years ago). Kevin and I both just dearly loved this man and had been very sad when he passed away shortly after retiring from his principal's job. He and his wife have had a great impact on both of our lives in such a positive way. In fact, we still keep in close contact with Jane and her husband. They are dear people, and we love them very much, too! What a small world, and what an amazing Red Thread Connection. My bloggy friend's e-mail today helped make our newest adoption journey that much sweeter because of this connection.

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Chasity said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, it is amazing how we are supposed to be in the exact place God has planned for us.

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