Family picture

Family picture

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our special little boy turned two today in China

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Eli

Today is Eli's 2nd birthday! It will be the last birthday he spends separated from his forever family. We celebrated this afternoon in honor of him! Hope he will enjoy his presents once home. We certainly enjoyed his cake and ice cream!

First, we enjoyed a homemade pizza by Chef Kevin!

Then we had yummy carrot cake.

Oh boy, this is good!

Eli's birthday presents -
A toddler sling, some bright colored loud toys, and
two curtain rods from the four of us and even a snowsuit and backpack
from Grammy.

Eli -

Your family wishes you a "Happy Birthday" and wants you to know that you will be home celebrating your third birthday with all of your family and friends next year! We love you and can hardly wait to hold you in our arms.

Hurry LOA!


Pam said...

Happy Birthday, precious Eli.

We celebrated AC's 1st birthday while she was in China and will be celebrating Charlie's 4th while he waits for us. Such bittersweet days....

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Eli!! He is so cute- I love the pic of your new precious son!!

It is hard to have them celebrate a birthday and want so much to be with them.

The cake looks great!

Chasity said...

What a beautiful celebration. I remember celebrating Jie's second birthday as she was in China. It broke our hearts not to celebrate with her, but what joy it was to celebrate her 3rd at home with family and friends. We are celebrating with you....we wish Eli the most wonderful day and we are praying your LOA is here quickly. Sending our love and blessings!