Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pictures from the sick bay and other thoughts

Philip is beginning to feel better. The fever is gone - yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even with a high fever, he can still muster his famous sweet smile!

Some thoughts on the timing of our adoption . . .

I just read a blog about the long, frustrating wait a family has had waiting to travel to adopt their newest daughter from China. She said something in that post that got me to thinking . . .

Stefanie commented on how long this adoption is taking as compared to their other special needs adoptions. She said that she knew God had a reason, maybe Vivi wasn't ready yet, or maybe she needed more time, or just maybe there was someone God wanted her to meet up with in China, and that person wasn't ready yet. She asked if anyone was going to be in China around that time!

I commented on her blog that we are hoping and praying that WE ARE IN CHINA AROUND THAT TIME! This family's adoption journey to their son Jude, along with another family's journey to their son with special needs, inspired Kevin and me to begin to look at boys on the special needs list. Their journeys helped lead us to our journey - our journey to Philip!

When we were in China receiving Philip in the summer of 2008, Stefanie and her husband were there ahead of us by a couple of days receiving their son Shepherd!

How cool would it be to be in China around the same time as they are this time! What a hoot and so like God to arrange it. We will have to see how it plays out.

And another thing . . .

That other family who inspired us to look at boys on the special needs list . . .

Their names are Linny and DW, and they are waiting and praying for word on their travel to receive their daughter Jubilee! Again, we will wait to see what God's perfect timing is.

DAY 78 on our wait for our LOA


Pam said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet face your boy has! Praise God Philip's fever is GONE!

Lori said...

Yay!! So glad Philip is feeling better!

And seriously, your LOA will be here ANY.DAY.NOW! Please, Lord!!

Lilly said...


I don't remember where I found your blog but glad I did. We are also on day 78 of our wait for LOA for a sweet little boy 3-1/2 years old!