Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everyone is helping

Dad is home now with hospice services, and everyone is helping him as they can. It is so sweet to see the different ways our family helps. Some people come and sit with Dad, some bring food, some send well wishes and prayers, and some people make things (like Philip)!

(Philip keeps making pictures for his grandpa! Below is his newest creation. He began to draw this morning and stated that he was drawing a church with a cross on top of it. The drawing even has parking lots and sidewalks. Too cute! I am glad he explained what it was because his drawings tend to all look the same! LOL!)

What does an artist do when he has finished a creation?
Go for a wagon ride with some friends
- of course! -


Pam said...

What a sweet little artist you have. And I know his creations are certainly brightening your dad's days!

Chasity said...

What a little sweetie pie. He did such a good job on his church with the cross on top. I could tell exactly what it was. So proud of you Philip.