Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Philip's new bedroom

When we first talked about adopting Eli, we realized we could not put two little boys in Philip's "tiny" room. We gave Ted (who is still away at college but coming home in December to begin his student teaching) the option of stay
ing in the "bigger" room and "sharing" it with a little brother . . . or moving to the "tiny" room and having it ALL to himself.

He picked the "tiny" room. Who can blame him?? Wouldn't you pick the "tiny" room, too??

Hee, hee! He even asked if we could put a lock on his door for him. Now why would he want that?

Here are a couple of pictures of the newly redone "bigger" room that really isn't so very big!!

Notice the lighthouse bird houses. We put this border up years ago when this room became a den. Then Philip came, and we moved Ted back in here. He was stuck with the border. Now Philip and Eli have it! Oh well, it works - so it stays! The walls are really a tan and not the pink they appear in these pictures.


Lori said...

Love the room! The little boys will have a lot of fun times there! And Ted will enjoy the quieter "little" room, I'm sure.

Can't wait to see pics of little Eli in the crib!

Pam said...

The room looks great. I love the nautical theme! Just perfect for your two little guys.

I'm sure Ted will be happy in his cozy room by HIMSELF!!!!!

Chasity said...

The boys won't mind the Lighthouses at all, they will be having so much fun with eachother fighting over trucks and trains, they won't even see them. Heeee Heeee!

It really looks like the perfect size for two little guys to enjoy eachother and build big tents over their beds. I can hardly wait for the beautiful pictures.

Ted, Honey, I don't blame you at all. You are an awesome big brother but your privacy will be so important, they will wear you out! LOL

Jean said...

I love their room! Doesn't it feel so good to get Philip settled and get ready for Eli!