Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Philip's ponderings about Jesus and Heaven

Tonight during our nightly prayer time, Philip got a little bit rowdy, bumping into my face and almost knocking off my glasses while I was praying. That prompted a talk to Philip about being respectful to God during our prayer time.

That, in turn, prompted Philip to ponder several things about God.

His first question was: "Is Jesus in my China?"

Me: Yes, Jesus is everywhere. He is always in our hearts.

Philip: Is he in my tummy?

Me: No, his spirit is in our hearts.

Philip: What's a spirit?

Me: You know, it's like the part of Grandpa that went to Heaven when his body stopped working.

Philip: (after looking up to the ceiling and pointing) How did Grandpa get up there?

Me: Jesus came and took him back with him.

Philip: On an airplane?

Me: No. It's like when Jesus rose after death and could pop in and out of locked rooms.

Philip: Wait, I know. I tell you. Jesus come down on a cloud and taked Grandpa back up on a cloud!

Me: Yes, I am sure it was something like that.

Philip: (still pondering things) But how many clothes did Grandpa take with Jesus?

Me: Grandpa's body and clothes stayed here on earth. His spirit went with Jesus who gave Grandpa everything he needed.

With that, Philip seemed satisfied. Then he went to sleep, dreaming heavenly dreams.

Oh through the eyes of a child! No wonder Jesus said we need to come to him as a child. Sweet!

Sound asleep after a time of many questions


Pam said...

Oh my, it just doesn't get any sweeter than that!

living4him5 said...

How precious is that little guy!! And you are so right, I love to hear how my little girls praise Jesus and I know HE'S loving it too!!

BTW...LOVE your website for Eli...Can't wait to travel with you in spirit!!!!

In Him,

amypfan said...

I just love conversations like this!