Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Football

(Look like a familiar sight to anyone who has traveled to China recently?)

We have been getting ready and gathering and packing things for our China trip since we found out about our Travel Approval last Monday! I think we may have almost everything ready (but not packed)! Yippee!

I do have to pick up some hair color at the store soon and color my "gray highlights" - ha, ha! I don't want to appear too old for Eli! He will know soon enough that I have almost totally gray hair underneath my light brown mane!

Why is it that Kevin looks oh so distinguished and handsome with gray hair, but I look dumpy and washed out with it? Not fair!!

On another note, Philip and Kevin really enj
oy Sunday afternoon football games - so much so that they recreate the plays in the living room!

Too funny - Philip loves to wear his football he
lmet (Thomas the Train bike helmet), football cleats (Elmo slippers), and his football gloves. He even has a "mean" football face for the game!


Mom Of Many said...

The sight looks VERY familiar - only wish you had been there while we were so we could play together!! On a separate note...I am so with you on the gray thing...why is it that men are thought to be so amazingly handsome with a gray head? Just so not fair!!

I HATE coloring my hair! I am completely gray and have been for years...but Dw likes it colored. =/

Can't wait to see you with Eli in your arms (and by the way - I LOVE his name!!)

Much love from Colorado! xo

Lori said...

That Philip is just so darn cute!! I love his make-shift football equipment. Priceless! And just won't be too much longer and your little team will be one man bigger. YAY!!! I can hardly wait!!

Oh and I LOVE seeing all the luggage ready to go! Woo hoo!!

Jocelyn-Chris said...

Are you kidding? You look young despite the gray! I love that anyone with even a hint of gray is adopting. Very soon.....Eli!

Jen said...

All the suitcases look VERY familiar!! And I wish we had the same look here!! I soo wish we were going too!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to follow your journey. Especially while you are in Hefei!

Just think, very soon, Philip, Ted and Kevin will have a new man on their TEAM!!!!

Jean said...

I am so excited for you to go to China!! The time is near!!

We love watching afternoon football too with our older son! We may need a little guy around the house to keep up the tradition! I love how Philip is all dressed up in his football gear!! Too cute- with includes a thomas the train bile helmet and Elmo slippers!! Absolutely precious!!

living4him5 said...

Oh how funny, I'm getting my little gray friends colored on Wednesday!!!

Have FUN packing!!!!! Can't wait to see Eli in his mama's arms.

Praising Christ,