Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A meal to remember

I think we have finally finished the last birthday celebration for Philip's 5th birthday. This child has had so many parties that even he became confused, asking me the other day if after his friends' party, would he still be five!!

Wouldn't you like to know what he is thinking at this moment?

Surveying all of the treats as we sing "Happy Birthday."

Our big boy wanted to see if he still fit into the high chair.
Isn't he cute??

Ok, so after Philip's last birthday celebration, we were just plain tuckered out. We went to Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combo thinking it would be a safe bet for Eli. When Eli is tired or grouchy, taking him out to eat can be a disaster.

Well, even though it was a fast food restraurant and a little noisy, we were still stared at . . . although not because we were a mixed family this time, but for another reason tonight.

Eli is a voracious eater. Did I mention that he out-eats us many a time?? And he really wants his food f.a.s.t! Or else!

Tonight with him being tired and grouchy from having spent the last several hours with lots of other children at Philip's party (which, by the way, was really fun), Eli was demanding his food pronto! We couldn't keep it coming fast enough. Kevin and I were shoveling in our food as well to keep up with Eli needing food. We looked a sight especially when I looked over at Eli and saw grease and food stuck to his fingers and face as he gulped down his meal. The grossest sight was when he took his Matchbox truck and ran it through the sour cream. Ew, yuck!

People were definitely staring.

Our floor and table were a mess.

And then a group of teenage boys sauntered in and began to talk loudly, even cussing a little to show off.

Was it wrong of us that we were grateful to them for taking the heat off of us?

We kind of hated to see them leave!


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Jean said...

Love the pic of Ted in the high chair! Nawwww, he's not too big!

Sounds like quite the dinner you had!!