Family picture

Family picture

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Ted!

Today is Valentine's Day.
Not only do we adore this holiday to tell the special people in our
life how much we love them,
but it's also Ted's birthday!

Not just any birthday this year though.

Ted turned 25 today.
That's a quarter of a century! Yikes! That must mean
he has really old parents! LOL!!

We all love and adore you Ted. You have such a sweet spirit and
such a wonderful way about you.

You are the best Valentine's present we ever received!

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear.
Sweet bloggy friends . . .
Won't you leave a happy birthday message for him?

He thinks our little boys are the only ones who ever get comments on their posts.
Won't you surprise him today??


Madeleine said...

Happy Birthday Ted!!

What a GREAT V-Day gif you were!

And hey, you are not old parents. Because the nwe would have to be old parents!! Our oldest turned 25 this past October. So, nope. Can't see any old parents from where I am standing.

Sitting. Whatever. :D

jasnjoj said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Ted! I hope #25 turns out to be your best and most blessed year yet!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Ted! Hope your day has been filled with many, many blessings!!!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Ted! 25 is a big one!!!!! Hope our day was a great one!

And, Janet, you can't be all that old, cuz I've got a 23 year old!

susieloulou said...

Happy Birthday, Ted! What a great big brother you are - you lucky guy!!

Wolfe's Home said...

Ted, a quarter of a century is worth commenting on! I love that the little guys have such a good role model to look up to. Happy Birthday!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Ted!!

You are such a joy to your parents!! Plus - I think you are an awesome big brother!!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Ted! Many many years more of Blessings!

shelley said...

Happy Birthday....I sooo remember turning 25 and thinking the same thing..."I am a quarter of a century old!!!!" The best is yet to come my friend....