Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New toy room

This is our silly little boy posing for the camera in our toy room, I mean dining room. Yep, that is a bib over Eli's head. Yep, he still needs one since he is an incredibly messy eater! (Hence the reason he is still in a high chair! :)

After celebrataing Christmas at our home and with exteneded family, we couldn't even walk around in our family room because of all of the toys Philip and Elijah had just been given! Good problem to have though! So Ted and I worked hard to move all of our little guys' toys and such out into our dining room at one end. That end wasn't really being used anyway. Now it is! Big time!! It just took some new cabinets (you can see them off to the right) and a whole lot of organizing!

We have our family room back, for the most part - that is if you don't count the train table, mountains of blocks, and various other little toys here and there that still reside in the family room! LOL!!

Do you know what one of the really terrific benefits of this organizational project is? Philip and Elijah keep their toys straightened up so much better, and they have found toys they didn't even remember having! How cool is that??

Thanks Ted for helping your dear old mom get organized! Now all we have to do is squeeze in mountains of girl's toys soon! Won't that be fun!!


Pam said...

Job well done, Janet! I can't wait to see those girl toys coming your way, either!

Debbie said...

I found with my bio kids and now my foster daughter is that rotating toys works great. I put about 50% of the toys in closets where the kids don't go and keep them there for at least 3 months. When they come out, the kids are so thrilled to have "new" toys. It also means the current toys don't take up as much space and are easy to find.

jasnjoj said...

YES! It will be so fun to see girlie toys sitting there beside all the boy toys! Doesn't it feel so good to get stuff reorganized?!?!?