Family picture

Family picture

Friday, March 18, 2011

Aaron comes home to his forever family!

A tired but happy Mommy and Daddy with their new son.

Welcome home Aaron!

Aaron meeting his sisters and brother - a family of six now

Our two littles meeting their new friend.

Aaron really liked our sign!

Philip and Elijah watching Aaron in amazement.

Aaron's night!

Wonder what Aaron is thinking at this moment - all these people!

Yep, Aaron. All these people to love you forever. We are so glad you are home!


Pam said...

So happy to see Aaron and his mommy and daddy safely home. What fun the 3 little boys are going to have together!

Leslie said...

I have loved scrolling through your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart so openly! Wanted to let you know we finally got our travel plans... We leave April 1st. Feel free to check our blog while we are in China. As you suggested, I have a friend who is going to post things on my blog as I email them to her from China. We are very excited to be going soon to pick up our precious Brynn!!