Family picture

Family picture

Monday, March 7, 2011

More pictures of Aaron

Just had to share sweet pictures of Aaron and his parents.

Ok, our youngest sons are, hmmm, shall we say
Very sweet, loving, and adorable but "lively"
Just a bit . . .
They keep life interesting.
So when Anna and Tim were leaving to travel to Ch*na last week, we told them that if Aaron was really well behaved, well . . .
If he was really well behaved, just make up something ornery that he would do to make us feel better.
We are so excited to say that they don't have to make up anything!
One of the funny things they wrote home about was that while in a Chin*se governmental office,
Aaron proceeded to throw his shoes over the ledge, and Tim had to run down to get them!
Oh happy day! Aaron will be right in the mix with Philip and Elijah when he gets home!
Watch out world!

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