Family picture

Family picture

Monday, November 7, 2011

A birthday celebration and an anniversary

November 1st marked mine and Kevin's 31st wedding anniversary!  Never in our wildest imagination on our wedding day back in 1980 could we have imagined the joy God would give us in blessing us with our four precious children, three of those amazing treasures later in life!

Ted surprised us with an offer of babysitting his little siblings and paying for our night out!  What a sweet thing to do.  We, of course, took him up on the offer and slipped away yesterday evening to dinner at Outback and then took in the movie "Courageous" (which we highly recommend).  We had a lovely evening.  Thanks Ted!  That was incredibly wonderful of you to spoil us!

Below is another picture of one of our October birthday sweeties.  Eli is being sung to by his preschool teacher and class while we brought in B-Day treats for everyone.  He looks a bit overwhelmed but quickly perked up when he saw Philip and Sophia pop into the classroom.

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Pam said...

Happy Anniversary! What a treasure Ted is! I'm really wanting to see Courageous, but I think we'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD. We celebrated Bill's birthday at Outback after church yesterday. Yummy!