Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A school activity

One of the perks of homeschooling is
getting together with other families
for fun and educational activities.  Our homeschool
co-op calls these activity days "events."

Today we participated in a Native American
time at an area library where we played Indian games and made some of our own games to take home.

We even had a cornbread cookie!  Yummy!

The event coordinator gave each child an arrow head
which will go into my treasure box instead of each of my children's!  Go figure - now why wouldn't I let my littles have their own arrow head to have and hold!??  Philip was practically salivating over how sharp each one was!  :)


After we left the library, we headed to McD's for lunch.  An older lady sitting beside us commented on how well behaved the children were and how
you just don't see that often these days.

  (Whew - I am so glad it was today
she saw my littles instead of a few days ago!) 

Anyhoo - this very sweet lady proceeded to ask me
if I was the nanny for these children! 

Now, Kevin and I have often been mistaken
for being grandparents to our littles, but never, ever have I been mistaken
for a nanny! 

That kind of tickled me! 

I guess (wishful thinking perhaps on my part)
that being mistaken for a nanny instead of a grandma meant that
she tought I was youthful looking??

I think that is surely what she meant, don't you??


Madeleine said...

DEFINITELY!! Run with it!! lol.

I love our co-op days. And can I say, I love it that you are ever faithful toy our team to still be wearing their jersey despite their record. :D

Jean said...

I'm certain of it! ;-)

And I'm their older sister!


Love the activities you do with your co op!