Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dunk Tank fun!

This is Kevin in a dunk tank at a friend's church's
"Back to School Bash"

This is the line of people waiting to dunk him!

Many are former students who, I am sure, have waited for such a time as this!  :)

Three were our own children who thought this was absolutely the most fun they had ever had!!

This was Kevin after Philip hit the button with his throw!

Nice work Philip!!

Gearing up for another try.

Sophia giving it a try as well!

And Elijah excitedly anticipating his turn, too!

What a fun evening it was.  The family who pastor this church do so much for Kevin's grade school, and their daughter just happens to be adopted from Ch*na.  In fact, the pastor's wife was the one who gave us the name of our adoption agency many years ago!  Thanks Kent and Amy for living out a life in Christ for others to see!


Jean said...

It looks like so much fun! Kevin is such a good sport!
Great throw Philip!

Emily said...

Too funny!

Pam said...

That last comment was me who posted, not Emily. :)