Family picture

Family picture

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A good start to our school year so far

Our school year has been great so far . . .

The workbox system I shared about in an earlier post is working out well.  In fact, when I forget to fill them, my littles quickly remind me to do so!

The workboxes are helping to keep us all on track throughout the day, and my children love to see what I have loaded in each drawer.  So happy about them.

Still loving our "chalkboard" door - very easy to use.  Now my dining room is a nerdy school teacher's dream!  That would be me (the nerdy school teacher), and I love it!  :)

Elijah and his goofy face doing school work.  See the boxes in the background??

Philip on his harmonica before the start of the school day!   :)

Eli's first day at preschool.  He was so excited to go and had a wonderful first day.

Our first field trip of the year - a day at the home of President Benjamin Harrison's home

Listening to the speaker at the Harrison home -
Mary Rose came home the same time Philip did, and she and Sophia are from the same province in China.  Mary Rose claimed Sophia as her best friend even before we brought our daughter home.

So very sweet!

Playing on the lawn where President Harrison's family used to play.

While on the tour of the President's home, I saw a picture of on "older" Benjamin Harrison with a little girl.  I asked about the picture, and our guide replied that was Harrison and his youngest child.  Then he smiled and said, "Yes, he was old enough to be her grandfather!"

I looked at my friend Kathy, grinned, and said that I knew something about that!  Both Kathy and her husband and Kevin and I are "older" parents, too!  Made me realize that we had something very special in common with one of our past presidents!  :)

Attending our homeschool co-op's family picnic.  The children were enjoying a water fight on a hot day!

Lest you think that everything has been sweetness and light, let me reassure you that we have had our fair share of getting adjusted to school time and times where things just don't go according to plan. 

But overall, we are enjoying our time together.  Loving that Kevin and I are able to provide this kind of education for our children.  What a blessing to be free to do so.


Pam said...

I am thankful for the freedom to homeschool as well!

You look ultra organized, Janet! I'm glad the workboxes are working so well for your crew!

Lori Jordan said...

This is awesome! Love you guys!