Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teddy Bear Adventures

We missed out on taking teddy bears to our local library's Teddy Bear Sleepover.  That is where you bring your bear and leave it overnight at the library.  In the moring, you can pick it back up.  Then  you would see the pictures taken by the library staff of all of their adventures! 

Well, this mom forgot all about the Teddy Bear Sleepover until it was too late.  Oh no! 

But no worry.  Big brother Ted came to our rescue.

He graciously agreed to take home his little siblings' teddy bears for a couple of days of adventure!  Sophia, Philip, and Elijah loaded Ted down with teddy bears and bags of "things" to accompany them.

What a wonderful and loving big brother you are, Ted!



Emily said...

How cute is that???? What a great big brother Ted is!


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