Family picture

Family picture

Monday, September 3, 2012

Good friends + good food = wonderful day

Our family got to spend the day at a beautiful Indiana state park with some very good friends.

This past June,when Ted and I served with our home team at Shepherd's Field Children's Village in China, we served with two other teams - one from Ohio and one from Kentucky.

Such amazing memories were made on that trip. 

Today most of us got together to share good food and catch up!

What fun it was!

A van full of my lovies!

Good friends + good food = wonderful time!

Our Ohio friends

And Kentucky friends, too

A rainy game of tag

"Rock, paper, scissors" in the drizzle, too

And very tired peeps on the way home - young ones and old!

What a beautiful day it was despite the rain.  Being with orphan-loving people you last saw on the other side of the world - wonderful new memories made today.


Pam said...

Looks like a GREAT day, despite the rain!

Jean said...

The rain probably made it all that much more fun!

(at least for the kids!)