Family picture

Family picture

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to our darling daughter and sister!

Today is Sophia's ninth birthday, the second one to be celebrated here with her forever family.

We are so very happy she is ours to love and cherish.

Sophia is a treasure beyond compare.  She is sweet, loving, kind, compassionate, and funny all rolled into one beautiful little girl.

Our October birthday sweeties - Elijah's birthday is next week.
  That is double the joy in October!  :)

Opening presents at their combined family party and having a blast.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our October treasures

A special "Barbie" cake made for her first all-girl party by a good friend
from our China travel group

Sweet friends

And another sweet friend(s) on the couch who
didn't make it into the group photo wrapped
in her mommy's sweater!

On to another celebration!  This time the six of us celebrated
Sophia's birthday with a dinner of Taco Bell - her choice!!

Trying to get a good picture of our birthday girl, but her crazy brothers
kept goofing around in the background.

Still goofing around! 

Almost there!


After three separate celebrations, I think we have properly wished her a "Happy Birthday!"  


Mom Of Many said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!! I am sooo thankful that God brought you home to some of the best parents in the whole world!! YOu are precious treasure and I am so thankful we got to meet you {twice!}. Much love from your friends in Phoenix!! xo

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Sophia! Looks like you were well celebrated!


jasnjoj said...

Happy, happy birthday to sweet Sophia! It sounds like you must be as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! Hope you have a wonderful 9th birthday!

Wolfe's Home said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl indeed!

Jean said...

So sorry I missed this post!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Sophia!!

She is beautiful!!