Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Homeschooling fun

We did homeschooling with a dear little friend yesterday.   It was such fun having Mary Rose over for the day.

From the time we announced to Mary Rose and her family that we were bringing home Sophia, she was convinced Sophia was going to be her best friend ever!

Both girls are from the same province.  We met Mary Rose, her mommy, and her older sister while we were in China bringing home Philip!  It turns out they live very close to us!!

Mary Rose's mom introduced us to homeschooling, and now we are both hs-loving moms and very good friends as well.

How sweet it was to have Sophia's best friend over to share in our school day yesterday.

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Jean said...

How wonderful to have a homeschooling, China adoption friend so close!!

That is truly a blessing!!