Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A special Christmas box

Something beautiful happened Christmas morning at our home. We opened our front door to see a large box sitting on the porch. When we looked inside, we saw that it was filled with Christmas gifts for all of us, even our oldest son!... Wow! We are so incredibly touched by this loving gesture. We don't know who to thank since there was no name inside of who sent those wonderful gifts, but we want you to know (if you are a bloggy friend and gave us this beautiful surprise) how very happy and joyful you helped make our Christmas day. What a kind and generous thing you have done for our family.

We took pictures of our family with those goodies so you could see for yourself how your loving gift has touched us. Thank you whoever you are! You were the hands and feet of Jesus yesterday, and our family will always remember the special Christmas morning we opened our door to see Christ's love wrapped up in a box and delivered to our front door.


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