Family picture

Family picture

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beauty from ashes

Three years ago yesterday, my much loved dad went into a hospice on my birthday (November 30th) and passed away the next day.  Quite frankly, my family and I thought we could never be happy again on those two days. 

But three years later, God has brought beauty from ashes, and the last two days have been filled to the brim with such joy!  I think Dad would be pleased that we can again see joy and beauty in this world, especially the day he left it for Heaven.

Yesterday my dear friend Cathi (whom we met in China while bringing home Philip and who lives just on the other side of town) and her two daughters, both Chinese treasures, spent the day with us preparing a Thanksgiving feast for the dads later in the day.

It was so much fun!  Our children worked very hard to make the dinner. 

There was bread making . . .

And butter shaking . . .

Cup cake decorating . . .

And eating, of course!

Tonight I celebrated my birthday with my husband, children, and mom.  We went out for pizza, and then we decorated our Christmas tree! 

Putting the tree together.  That tree is 24 years old. 
I am just a tad older (by about 30 years!)

Pausing for dessert that Ted made.

It was delicious!  Thanks Ted!

The first ornament is up.

A tired princess

Philip looks like a Christmas decoration.  He had lost interest in decorating the tree
and was busy completing a word search.  Too funny.

A quiet moment with biggest and littlest brother

The stockings all hung on the bookcase with care

An open door bidding you to enter in and celebrate Jesus' birth

Let the Christmas season begin.  What a beautiful couple of days.

Beauty from ashes indeed!

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Emily said...

Just beautiful, Janet.