Family picture

Family picture

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New "Family Business"

Our littles peeking out from behind the Pampered Chef boxes delivered
from our first party!

Funny thing:  Kevin has always dreamed of hosting his own cooking show, perhaps on a cable show or something like that.  He even used to kid around with a friend who also wanted to host his own show - a tool time kind of show.  They used to joke that Kevin could be cooking and suddenly need something like a kitchen island or a table.  The camera would pan over to Chad quickly making the needed item. 


But that silly show never came to be.  Instead, Kevin and I are beginning a Pampered Chef business - a "family business"

Kevin is the pretty face who demostrates the products while he cooks.

I am the business end of things. 

It is a perfect match, don't you think?!!

If you ever need some Pampered Chef items, hop on over to our website:

We would be glad to help you!! 

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Lori said...

Oh, that's SO FUN!! I bet you guys will have great success!