Family picture

Family picture

Monday, January 7, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow

We enjoyed a little snow over the Christmas break . . .

The kids and the papa had a blast! 

The mommy stayed in and exercised in the warm living room while occassionally peeking outside to see the fun. 

It was a "win, win" situation for everyone concerned!


Madeleine said...

For some reason I thought you lived in a no-snow zone!! Oh well. lol.

I wish I lived in a no-snow zone, but my husband LOVES it. Oh well.

This is a good kind of snow day. Everyone doing and having a good time! Thanks for sharing. :)

Life is good! GOD is even better!

Emily said...

What fun!

In the very rare instances that we do get some some snow here, this mama, too, prefers to be on the inside looking out!


Wolfe's Home said...

Of course....Mom needs to stay inside to prepare the hot chocolate. And you always need someone with warm hands to put mittens and gloves back on!